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Aug 16, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand-new episode of Dog Sense 🙌!

And, like always, today, we're discussing a suuuper important subject, especially for those of you thinking about getting a new pup: How to have THE best first week home with your puppy 🤩.

Getting a new dog always comes with a lot of (sometimes mixed) feelings. You're super excited because you're adding another member to your family (whoop whoop!!), but you can also feel a bit stressed out about it.

A new dog — and especially a young puppy — is a big responsibility. So, it's totally natural to be worried about every little detail 🤷‍♀️.

And this is exactly why we're here 💪! 

In this week's episode, Sarah and I will be discussing what YOU can do to have an amazing first week home with your new canine best friend 🐶. 

All right, let's get to it!


Key points discussed

Intro (00:00)

What you REALLY need (02:21)

Get the right walking tools (06:14)

Toys for your pup? (08:58)

Puppy socialization (12:35)

Keep the potty schedule airtight (14:43)


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